Personal family history with Alzheimer’s

When my mother was in early stages (saying she missed her mother and did I miss mine!)  I was on an airplane and the lady next to me asked me what I was doing and was I going on holiday -I said I had just visited my mother with Alzheimer’s .  She looked at me and said  ‘It will come to an end you know! (She was a Dr). I have never forgotten those words.  I thought wow what a thought as it felt like being on a merry-go-round !  Whenever  I was feeling in a tight corner, I would think of those words as at times I would feel there was no light at the end of the tunnel, for my mother or me.  At moments with Alzheimer’s it feels as if it will never end for anyone.  Now the poor love is here with us in body, but not in mind.

I sometimes think I’ll telephone mom and then I think, Oh she’s not here to speak to on the telephone, only here in presence!
At Christmas time mom smiled at Santa bringing presents! She was aware of a happy moment perhaps.  Nobody knows and she can’t speak or remember to tell us.  Sad but true fact of life!

Mum had a beautiful singing voice. She could sing a hymn from start to finish but not utter a full sentence. Its a great way to maintain a persons self esteem.

Sadly after 8 years mother, mum, Mom , granny and friend to many passed away peacefully in July 2014.

It was a sad relief for everyone including mum as sadly her mind and then her body were robbed of life.