Front Page – Alzheimers information

Problems with Alzheimer’s and general effects.
Alzheimer’s is such an emotionally draining disease.  It drains the person mentally and physically and all the surrounding people!  In the early days all those involved are constantly on edge thinking and planning for future possible calamities and events.  Every day the brain is taken up with questions, emotions, and very few answers!


The early stages are all about:
Future nursing home?
Money and finances?
Is person Comfortable and content with the situation?
How can Carers (relative or friends ) get through this situation, whilst still respect for? Independence and ongoing quality of life?
How is person coping with the enormity and grief of such a diagnosis?
lost and new horizons are being faced (In lucid moments) May feel scared, vulnerable and angry.  Natural emotions at a time like this.  Loss of memory and how to be cured may be thoughts of every waking day!

This is the case with most newly diagnosed incapacitating diseases .
The final /end stages are exhausting but life does go on.
Every waking day with flash thoughts of future arrangements, finances funeral arrangements and is mother suffering?
How are family coping?
How are grandchildren coping?
With thoughts of funeral arrangements-(It’s always a good idea to have chats about this issue ) perhaps by diplomatically mentioning how another member of family was cremated or buried -and lead on from there!
Who has Power of attorney?
The will-Is it lodged with solicitor or hidden in a corner-or not written at all!
To have help with financial affairs is for own safety and will  help relieve stress as well, as two hands make light work!

So many questions about Alzheimer’s Disease.
Is it general anesthetic affecting brain?
Is it war years malnutrition?
Is it major operations affecting body which perhaps 50 yrs ago the patient would not have survived or gone through in the first place?
So many questions and so few answers, and we may only know answers in future generations – if ever!